The challenge with this project was to enable the tokenization of AR assets in various forms by the creation of an AR-NFT marketplace. We started with various consultation sessions to define the tokenomics for the TAGD token and desired functionalities for the marketplace. Then we created the TagPlace based on the preferred designs and created the relevant solidity contracts and API’s to support it. We led the entire Blockchain side of the project and in an agile manner implemented any new functionalities based on the desired priority.

Main Services We Provided

Blockchain Consultancy – defining tokenomics, security, priorities, technical consultancy. Web3 & Solidity development – creation of solidity contracts, integration of Web3 wallets and relevant API’s. PSI enabled the creation of assets within the TagSpace reality which are attached to a specific location and can be viewed in real life through the tagspace app.


NFT Marketplace


Company Location
Brisbane, Australia


TagSpace is now a leading AR provider, providing a new way for companies to advertise to the public and Create, publish and share AR experiences in minutes. through mixed reality. PSI is currently further developing and creating a marketplace for TagSpace where AR assets in various forms can be tokenized into NFTs and in turn will be registered on the blockchain.