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Our comprehensive development solutions encompass advanced methodologies essential for constructing robust AI and blockchain applications. We’re in the business of revolutionizing businesses with cutting-edge digital solutions that not only meet today’s demands but also open the door to a world of future possibilities.

One partner for Seamless AI and Blockchain Integration

Delivering Value via a Secure, Unified Intelligence Layer, Enabling Seamless Integration of Advanced AI and Blockchain Technologies.

Thinking Big

We think with you to identify how we can provide additional value to your business, and we work with you all the way from initial planning stage to final implementa- tion and testing phases.

Starting Small

We use our Discovery Sessions to make sure that you have realistic expectations and goals, while also exploring new ways of using our technology in ways that you may not have yet considered.

Creating Fast

We build fast and transparent tech solutions. In the globalized world, transactions and data exchange implementation require fast and reliable solutions. You can trust in the authenticity, transparency and speed of our development services.


Following our Initial work, we will work with you on plans for ongoing support – either as a warranty period, regular check-ups, an ongoing support contract or a combination these.

Explore our Services

AI Development

Leveraging the synergy of technology and human insight, our AI development services empower businesses to foster sustainable innovation and growth. Through our robust hybrid intelligence methodology, we guide companies in effecting transformative change and maintaining a competitive edge within an ever-evolving landscape.

Generative AI Development

Our generative AI development services encompass the construction of intelligent AI systems with the remarkable ability to conceive fresh content, designs, and concepts. Employing cutting-edge algorithms, we train machines to craft original and inventive outputs that have the potential to propel growth and drive unprecedented value.

AI Consulting

Our AI consulting services are designed to empower organisations in optimising their data and AI strategies. Working closely with clients, we identify strategic avenues for AI integration and orchestrate the development and deployment of AI models. Our collaborative approach ensures that businesses harness the full transformative capacity of AI to accomplish their overarching objectives.

Web3 Development

Our Web3 development services are carefully designed to help organisations create unique Web3 solutions and decentralised applications. Using advanced blockchain technology, our experienced experts build secure and scalable applications that lead the way in innovation.

Software Development

We specialise in creating custom software solutions that perfectly match our clients' specific requirements. Our solutions help businesses streamline processes, improve decision-making, and discover new opportunities for growth.

Software Consulting

We guide you through the process of turning your ideas into real-world solutions. Our software consulting starts with exploring your concepts, backed by deep technology insights and risk assessment. We then help you develop a strategy for success, covering everything from gaining users to making money.

Open, Adaptable, and Expansive


Our solutions bridge the worlds of Web3 technology and AI intelligence, offering a comprehensive suite of services that enable seamless integration, rapid development, and transformational solutions.

Bringing Ideas to Life

Whether you’re envisioning Web3-based applications, AI-powered enhancements, or the convergence of both, our expert team is here to bring your ideas to life.  Step into a realm where Web3 and AI synergize to redefine the way industries operate and evolve.

Limitless Potential

We are your partners in unlocking the limitless potential of the decentralised web and artificial intelligence.

Latest Projects

TagSpace - Augmented Reality Brisbane, Australia.

Expand your creative canvas. Add interactive and useful digital content like video, text, audio or 3D objects to any real world location to help guide and entertain your customers.

OMNI INVEST - Real Estate on the Blockchain Marbella, Spain.

OMNI Estate Group has partnered with PSI Blockchain Solutions to bring the archaic real estate industry into the future using new technologies.

What Our Clients Say About Us

“It has been an absolute pleasure to work with the team at PSI Blockchain Solutions; their professionalism, communication and domain knowledge is second- to-none and to top it off, they are incredibly nice people! Integrating their workflow with our team’s was easy and their project managers, a delight to work with. I am looking forward to continuing our longer-term relationship with PSI”

Paul Martin

“Regular in-depth consultancy with the team has been greatly appreciated as we continue to develop our project. We see PSI as an extension of our business, with the team working closely with us to help us grow and evolve.”

Ole André Langmyr

“Since partnering with PSI Blockchain Solutions as an Associate I have created a side business that I love, working with changemakers and leaders around the world! I am grateful for the opportunity!”

Anders Lundvig Hansen

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