We Specialize in Transforming Your Business with Tailored Blockchain and AI Solution.

At PSI, we’re committed to enhancing business productivity, fortifying data security, and reducing dependence on intermediaries through cutting-edge blockchain and AI technologies.

Our experienced team boasts a proven track record in delivering custom blockchain and AI solutions and providing technology consultancy. We specialize in developing and delivering next-gen applications across various global industries and verticals.

Who we Are


Years of Experience

Our diverse team consists of specialists in various areas with years of experience in each their field.

PSI stands at the forefront as a leading company specializing in blockchain, cryptocurrency development, and AI development services. Our commitment to delivering outstanding services empowers businesses with a distinct competitive advantage while fostering growth through a unique and quality-focused approach. With a team that brings robust project management skills and a proven track record of successful projects in this evolving industry, PSI is your trusted partner for navigating the world of emerging technologies.

8+ Years Software Development
8+ Years Client Engagement
8+ Years Blockchain Development
5+ Years Legal Expertise

Our Mission

At PSI, our mission is clear: To elevate our clients to new heights of success in blockchain and AI development. We achieve this by employing cutting-edge technologies, delivering exceptional services, and leveraging our extensive expertise.

With 8+ years of operational excellence, we’ve empowered businesses of all sizes to harness the full potential of blockchain and AI. We extract valuable insights from data, automate complex tasks, optimize performance, integrate advanced AI capabilities, and ensure cost-effectiveness.

Our journey is built upon principles of trust, relentless innovation, state-of-the-art technology, and a wealth of experience. PSI is your partner for navigating the dynamic landscape of technology and achieving unparalleled success.

Alexander Grann

PSI is on a Mission. We are guided by our core values, as a team we work every day to enhance the world of business, one block at a time.

Why Us?


At PSI, our sole measure of project success is the realization of our clients’ goals and objectives. Thanks to our high-quality project management and a team of seasoned IT experts, we execute projects swiftly and efficiently, ensuring outcomes that truly matters.


With a dedicated team of highly skilled professionals, we possess the agility to swiftly respond to our clients’ evolving needs. Whether it’s rapid team ramp-up or seamless scalability in response to changing project conditions, we’ve got it covered.


Our client partnerships are founded on openness and integrity. We prioritize regular communication, employ a robust daily reporting system, and offer tracking tools tailored to our clients’ preferences. This approach empowers our clients to maintain full control over all project facets.


At PSI, we’ve established meticulously managed processes for delivering top-tier software development services. These processes draw inspiration from the best practices in IT outsourcing and are easily adaptable to the unique requirements of our clients and their projects.

Our team

Alexander Grann

Chief Executive Officer

Marcel De Pan

Chief Operating Officer

Ricardo Sebregts

Client Relationship Manager

Henk Ter Harmsel

Chief Technology Officer

Sameer Shamim

Lead Full-Stack Developer

Larissa Mannhöfer

CEO - Kryptovan

Hawar Fatahie

Marketing Manager

Agustin Fernandez

Legal Department

Our Values

Client-Centric Approach

At PSI, we prioritize your needs. We begin by understanding your unique requirements and then deploy the right tools to drive your success. We welcome your input in meetings, provide regular progress reports, and consider your feedback invaluable as we tailor solutions to suit your business

Cutting-Edge Technologies

We are at the forefront of technology, leveraging the latest and best-in-class tools to deliver exceptional results. Our solutions offer unmatched speed, unwavering data integrity, top-tier security, and scalable capabilities to benefit our clients.

Ongoing Support

Throughout the implementation process, we stand by your side. We offer ongoing consultation, swiftly identifying and addressing bottlenecks and potential challenges to ensure seamless progress.

Commitment to Excellence

Just as your business evolves, so do we. We remain dedicated to enhancing our skills and knowledge to provide you with forward-thinking advice and services. PSI is your partner in staying ahead in the ever-changing world of technology.

Let’s Talk About Your Project!

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