The overall challenge was first to understand the business model of traditional Real Estate transactions. The next step was to identify how to successfully integrate Blockchain Technology. This involved consulting with regulators to ensure that we met all regulations. In this challenge, we had to not only achieve our established business objectives, but in addition, uphold all real estate laws, integrate the Anti-money Laundering (AML) laws, and KYC features into the NFT marketplace. The NFT Marketplace for Real Estate would give Real Estate Transaction/Owners an additional layer of security and also open up the traditional, very illiquid market to small investors through fractionalization and convert Real Estate to an easily tradable asset.

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OMNI Estate Group

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Marbella, Spain


OMNI is an early mover in elevating traditional Real Estate transactions into the future. The company’s goal is to use the full potential of new technologies to automate, speed up and simplify the process cycles. PSI is currently further developing the WEB 3 Real Estate marketplace with extensions for buy/sell of Real Estate NFTs with new features enabling traditional Real Estate investors to utilize the Marketplace along with the ordinary user.